League of Legends

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League of Legends betting (LoL)

In League of Legends there are tons of things happening, which makes room for a super offering of LoL odds. The types of bet possibilities are: Which team will destroy the first tower? How many towers will be destroyed? Which dragon type will spawn first? Will there be a pentakill? Who will get the first blood? It doesn't matter what you want to bet on, you'll find it all at Betspawn, and in any tournament, whether it is Pro League Summer or Spring, World Championship, European or North American Championship.

Live betting

League of Legends is basically a game made for live betting. We offer tons of different odds markets during the games, and you'll get your payouts faster than lightning if betting live. This means that you can place tens of bets during one single game - amazing we'd say! Trust us one this one: We offer you the best odds and betting on LoL out there.

League of Legends the game

League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. As one of the the world's most active competitive games, LoL engages numerous of players in tournaments worldwide, including the prestigious Championship Series where professional pros compete for millions in prize-pool money.

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