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Betting on Halo

Halo was first released back in 2001 on Xbox and is to date, one of the most popular FPS games ever created. Due to the popularity of Halo and its multiplayer mod, it has become a contender as a popular FPS eSports game. The competitive scene has catched up during the last couple of years, where The Halo Championship Series, hosted by ESL is one arena where you can follow the Halo eSports action live.

Halo as an eSports

Unfortunately there is no organizer hosting Halo tournaments as often as we wish. One of the greater hosts is ESL, where the top teams around the world gather up for a battle and a rather juicy prize pool. At Betspawn, you can stream the matches and place live bets - a great combination that give you the ultimate experience.


The absolute largest tournament for Halo is the one organized by Microsoft - The Halo World Championship. The prize pool reaches a staggering $1 million. Microsoft has seen the great potential for Halo as an eSports, and has develoepd the game thereafter. Going forward, we'll see even greater tournaments with even greater prizes. Hopefullly we'll see more frequent matches in the future.

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