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Overwatch betting

In Overwatch you need to consider which maps to be played, which heroes to be picked in order to pick the winner. You can bet on a wide range of tournaments and matches. The most popular tournaments to bet on are of course Overwatch League and Contenders, with teams such as London Spitfire, Florida Mayhem, Dallas Fuel, San Fransisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty. We offer the best odds.

Live betting

Overwatch is an extremely intense game, and to bet live, you need to be quick with your clicks! Most viewers tend to place their bets prior to the game starts, but if you like to challenge yourself, in-game betting is the way to go.

Overwatch the game

Overwatch is a hero based first-person shooter, much like the retro game Team-Fortress, and the next big competitive game within eSports! Released as late as in 2016, Overwatch has rapidly increased in popularity. With the new upcoming Overwatch League, Overwatch will take features from traditional physical sports into the eSports arena, where permanent and geographical placed teams will compete in leagues. For us eSports fans, this new setup will for sure become a blast to follow.

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