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PGL Major Krakow Challenge - Win €500 - CLOSED

We are arranging a bet challenge - for free! This challenge covers the first 8 matches of the PGL Major Krakow (CS:GO). Your challenge is to pick the correct winner in each game of the first round.

Submit your bets in the form below (you can't submit your picks after the first game has started). In order to compete, you need to have a Betspawn account. Only one quiz per person is allowed - duplicates are traced and will be deleted. We will send your picks to your email, you will not find them in your Betspawn account. The prizes will be paid out on your Betspawn account on July 17th.

The better you pick, the better prizes you will get. The prizes are:

  • 8 correct picks: €500 (5,000 SEK, $500, £500, or 2,500 PLN)
  • 7 correct picks: €200 (same currency conversion as above)
  • 6 correct picks: €50 (same currency conversion as above)

If any of the games are postponed more than 24 hours, canceled, or forfeited, the game will be removed from the challenge completely. The prize money will still be distributed based on the games that were played the same day as planned.

If there are more than one winner in each category, the money will be split between all the winners. The money you win will have to be wagered at least one time before they can be withdrawn.

Fake accounts created for this campaign where the name of the accounts, address and other credentials aren't true will be excluded excluded from the challenge.

All our terms & conditions apply.

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